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21 Oct

When some of the patients were able to go into town, not surprisingly they would attract attention[..]The people of Basingstoke were absolutely wonderful in the way they opened their arms, hearts and doors, asking the patients to come in and have tea with them they rallied round beautifully.In 1951 Sir Harold completed the first male to female gender reassignement of a transexual through vaginoplasty.In a new twist to the Baghstoke saga, De La Rue's factory in Basingstoke was chosen to print all the post Saddam Iraqi currency 'the New Iraqi Dinar'.In case anyone decided to 'nuke' Basingstoke, there was a nuclear bunker located under this town centre building. (Bilton Road) roundabout, was built with a novel oval shape to ease the traffic flow along what was the main trunk road between London and Southampton (equivalent of today's M3).From Jude the Obscure: "There is in Upper Wessex an old town of nine or ten thousand souls; the town mat be called Stoke Barehills. (I've not got a definitive source for this height, if you know of one please drop me an email, address at the bottom of the page) (Alençon Link) was the tallest building between London and New York, until the IBM 'Liquorice Allsort' building got a top floor and neon strip added when it became Skyline Plaza, making it about 4 feet taller than Fanum House.It stands with its gaunt, unattractive ancient church, and its new red brick suburb . (Basing View)The sun sets over the 'Costa del Basingstoke', a new apartment complex built in the style of a 'Costa' resort, however as Basingstoke has no beach it has to make do with a view over the town's enormous car park.(Alencon Link) 'The Hanging Gardens of Basingstoke', (rooftop gardens) were created in the 1970s, though sadly now not as magnificent as in their heyday.Unfortunately the shop was burnt down in 'The Great Fire of Basingstoke' in 1905. was in charge of the footballs at the 1966 World Cup final when England beat Germany 4 2. " This is wonderfully written and very funny tale about the cherry brandy loving Trelawney Hart, debunker of Victorian psychics, who is tasked by Arthur Doyle (he of Sherlock Holmes fame) to investigate a case.

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Great book, contains astonishing amounts of drugs and violence. Contains numerous references to Basingstoke, all in a similar vein: Mary Mary. The location was apparently chosen for a number of reasons including its similarity to US towns (sic) to make it viewable by a US audience, its dissimilarity to Northern English towns (to get away from the 'Social Realism' genre) and (probably not least) because Simon Shore at one time went out with a the Guestbooksee the Live Site Statsto see what'son the page click here (last update 11th May 2018) Can you help?I'm looking for for more information various Basingstoke stories so that they can be included on the page click here for more details Actress Sarah Sutton who, amogst other roles, played Dr Who's companion Nyssa alongside Tom Baker (who called her "Miss Basingstoke") and Peter Davidson.There is a striking similarity between the L'Arc sculpture on Alençon Link and the Iran-Iraq war monument in Baghdad, the latter was cast in Basingstoke from the melted guns of dead Iraqi soldiers.More recently the original casts of the hands were given to the US army so they could extract Saddam Hussein's fingerprints.